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Europa Plus

Европа Плюс, студия нового поколения

In 2015 ‘Europa Plus’ launched Vi Studio with live video performances and interviews of HD-quality. New studio is not only visual now it is spacious and it occupies 40 sq.m.


Vesna FM and Vostok FM

Проекты Весна FM и Восток FM

One of the largest projects of radio visualization in Russia has been completed in April 2014 at the radio stations "Vesna FM” and “Vostok FM”. The project created a kind of radio-TV, which is available on the websites of radio stations.


Sport FM

Sport FM - Visual Radio








Another project based on Digispot® II is completed: information and sports radio station "Sport FM” (named "Radio Sport" before 13.01.2014), owned by the EMG holding, wins the hearts of sports fans in 45 cities throughout the country.


Kommersant FM

kommers-2016-icoVisualization project consists of the air studio and production studio. British remote-controlled cameras Bradley are located in the air studio on the walls and on the table for shooting the radio hosts and their guests. Digispot module "Visualization of radio: scene management" allows you to switch cameras automatically. Studio is equipped with professional lighting system and video panels on the walls.


Voice of Russia correspondent office in Berlin

berlin-1-icoRadio Voice of Russia has opened a new correspondent office in Berlin. Digispot II® is used there as an automation software. 
The office is located at the Pariser Platz, in the immediate vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate. The correspondent office is going to product news and programs that will be transferred to the main office of Voice of Russia in Moscow. There is also a possibility of organizing on-line broadcast by radio visualization system.


Page 42

page42 8 icoA new multimedia project "Page 42" was launched in Moscow. It includes broadcasting of radio programs and videos online. "Illustrated Radio Page 42" is located in Moscow, in the center of contemporary art, a gallery named "Fotoloft".


Mariinskiy FM


Mariinsky theater has its own Internet radio station since 2012. The complex is equipped with an On-Air workstation, planning workstation and a visualization system. The latter allows forming of the video images in addition to the audio streams. The On-Air workstation was realized on the basis of the EELA Adio D3 console and DIGISPOT II software.