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A well-defined technical project - that's the necessary condition for a correct building and functioning of a radio station. Moreover, it is essential for a quick recovery of the operability in case of a failure or other emergency.

The main tasks of the technical design are the following:

  • to identify the features of the radio station and all the important details before the start of the project;
  • to develop the documents required for the subsequent implementation of the project;
  • to fix the structural and functional circuits that will improve the maintenance of the radio station in the future;
  • to create a series of recommendations for the technical staff of the station.

There is no need to order a project design if you want to implement a standard solution, since all the circuits have been already developed and tested. A new detailed technical design is needed only when your demands do not allow us to use ready-made solutions, and if you want to be sure in advance that the results will meet all your expectations.

When selecting a model project "radio turnkey", you get a free standard package of technical documentation, including diagrams, specifications and designs.

A project design of a radio station is required if:

  • you want to create an exclusive radio station;
  • you want to make significant changes to the standard project;
  • you need only a project, because your technical staff will do the set up and installation;
  • you require a further technical documentation which is not provided with the standard solutions;
  • you move to a new location and need a detailed design of the new premises, including development of recommendations to the building and maintenance;
  • in some other cases.

The design starts with the formulation of the requirements and challenges of the radio station, defining their ultimate goals. For instance, a project of a music radio station significantly differs from a news radio, and an internet radio may substantially differentiate from a FM station. At this stage, a close cooperation between the customer and the specialists of the system integrator "Tract" is assumed, as it is necessary to discuss all the possible options for the project and choose the most appropriate one.

By individual designing, a list of documents that make up a technical project varies from one radio station to another. For someone, the color and material of the furniture may be important, and someone else may ask for a rationale behind the choice of the manufacturer of the mixing console. In each case, the final list of documents is agreed with the customer and contains all the necessary data.

An example of a technical designing project:

Technical description of all the devices used;

block diagrams;

wiring diagrams of audio and video section, synchronization and control;

a data table on energy consumption of the process equipment (to be sent to the designer of the building);

a data table on heat generation of the process equipment (to be sent to the designer of the building);

the topology of the power distribution network for the technical equipment of the complex;

the topology of the structured cabling system (SCS) with reference to the premises;

sketches of the technological furniture;

assembly instructions of the technological furniture;

the layout of the equipment and technological furniture in the premises;

the layout of the technological furniture and equipment in the racks;

cable logs for installation of technological equipment of the complex: the assembly specification with drawings for each cable;

calculation of the cost of the equipment, software, technological furniture, assembly and installation of the complex in the current market prices.

You can first design the station, and then decide whether you are ready to implement the project on your own or you prefer to entrust this to the "Tract".