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Echo of Moscow

echo-icoIn early 2013, the broadcasting complex Digispot II ® of the radio “Echo of Moscow” has been updated. The version of the software was updated to the 15th generation, which gave the radio station a number of new features and greatly enhanced the reliability of the solution.


Voice of Russia

Voice of Russia - Network Radio

"Voice of Russia" is one of the oldest Russian government radio stations founded in 1929. Nowadays "Voice of Russia" is broadcasting in 160 countries on 38 languages. The station requires high quality of broadcasting because the station broadcasts in many different countries. The station informs listeners about what's happening in Russia, as well as Russian culture and lifestyle. The station helps forming a positive image of Russia among foreigners.


Dorozhnoe radio









Musical-informational radio station “Dorozhnoe Radio” (Road radio) is a unique Russian project for covering large territories by FM program. During 11 years of its existence radio coverage area spread out from a single small town Kirishi near St. Petersburg to a federal scale territory. Nowadays Dorozhnoe Radio could be heard not only in big towns of various regions of Russia, but in South part of Finland, East part of Estonia as well. Moscow surroundings are covered by the signal since 2008. In total Dorozhnoe Radio is working in more than 600 Russian towns.