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Studio furniture

Studio furniture is aimed at creating a stylish and ergonomic workplace for a broadcasting operator, engineer or any other radio station employee. Quality furniture allows you to:

  • gently insert a large number of cables into the interior;
  • correctly position the equipment;
  • create ergonomic space for employees;
  • give a studio or a control room some individuality.

A workplace, which is nice and easy to work at, is the result of a painstaking and careful planning and design. Layout of the premises, design and corporate culture are the variables that directly affect the details of the future interior. The vector of all efforts is aimed at the ergonomics of the workplace, which helps to increase productivity.

What do we mean by creating a high-quality studio furniture?

  • Taking into account all kinds of requests: from materials to colour scheme.
  • A clear design, including accurate sketches with exact dimensions of future furniture and its parts.
  • Optimised value for money for a specific customer.

Studio furniture is produced while taking into account the heavy load it has to sustain. Usually the material is high density particle board, and the underlying structures are bearing frames of welded metal. As a further strengthening of the furniture, melamine coating films are used to provide high resistance to mechanical stress and high temperatures. Metal structural elements are also resistant to mechanical stress because they are painted with special metal particle paint.

Modern and specialized equipment for handling of materials and extensive experience of our specialists guarantee the quality produced by studio furniture. Individual approach, in turn, will provide maximum satisfaction for our customers.

Studio furniture examples