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Mariinskiy FM


Mariinsky theater has its own Internet radio station since 2012. The complex is equipped with an On-Air workstation, planning workstation and a visualization system. The latter allows forming of the video images in addition to the audio streams. The On-Air workstation was realized on the basis of the EELA Adio D3 console and DIGISPOT II software.


Domashnee Radio

domashneeToday a new, literature-based internet radio station started its round-the-clock broadcasting. The project was designed on the basis of DIGISPOT II (DJin) software. The author is Vlad Zachepilko who recently started a similar project of a radio station specializing in Ukranian-language fables. "Domashnee Radio" ("Home Radio") broadcasts well-known works of world literature in Russian language, including such genres as science fiction, love story, thrillers, bestsellers, adventure, Russian and world classics and many others.