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Digispot II

DIGISPOT II is a system of automation and management of media content, covering all tasks and processes of the broadcasting. DIGISPOT II has a modular structure and a broad functionality: 150 modules make it easy to adapt the automation system to all requirements of the customer.

Before the implementation of DIGISPOT II to a radio station, we study the existing business and technology processes and the development of optimal job descriptions for employees. According to the results of a comprehensive analysis of current business processes, we form a proposal of necessary software and hardware solutions.

DIGISPOT II can be called an industry standard in Russian. Our software users are:

76% of radio stations in Moscow media holdings;

81% of state radio stations in Moscow;

87% of network stations.

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DIGISPOT II is a single solution for the entire radio station:

  • Digispot II Media Database is a single database for all the media data: audio, video, text, images, etc., from all workplaces;
  • Digispot II Administration is a single administration system, which is integrated with MS Active Directory. Thus, the software is connected to the user account and not to the workstation;
  • Digispot II Grid and Digispot II Skeleton is a unified planning system (organization of the broadcasting schedule).

The presence of the two product lines DIGISPOT II Basic and DIGISPOT II Professional makes it easy to satisfy the needs of both small regional transmitting stations which will make use of the application DJin Rebroadcaster, and a radio holding that needs a reliable solution that can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

The installation of the broadcast automation system DIGISPOT II is made without interruption the broadcast and includes customization of workplaces of the employees.

During 15 years of active development of the system, DIGISPOT II became the basis of many large and interesting radio projects: "EMG " , "Svyaznoy", "VGTRK", "Echo of Moscow ", "Gazprom Media " and many others.

Complete solution of visual information Digispot II Infopanel

Switching Matrix

Digispot Infopanel

You can learn more about the broadcast automation system DIGISPOT II on our official website.