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Turnkey solution

"Radio turnkey" is technically and technologically complete solution for the creation and installation of internal broadcast infrastructure and hardware studio complex of a radio station. At the request of the customer, a technical support is ensured during the first broadcasts of the new complex.

This is the best choice for those who create their own radio station of any format from scratch. If you already have a functioning radio, consider the possibility of a partial or complete modernization.

The specialists of the "Tract" company implement the projects of "radio turnkey" for 19 years already. The experience accumulated over those years allows us to build a modular structure of the hardware and software radio systems, where each workplace is functionally complete. Many of these workplaces can be both a part of the complex, and function independently as well.

"Tract" offers the "radio turnkey" projects of various sizes: from small, separate control room to a large complex providing 24/7 own broadcast on several frequencies and forming programs for regional broadcasting.

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"Radio turnkey" is not just set up operations, but a whole system of measures providing a great start to your radio station:

  • Assessment of conditions in which a new radio station will be created;
  • Assistance by choosing new premises;
  • Preparation of technical specifications for construction companies and maintenance of construction works;
  • Recommendations on the use of hardware and software solutions;
  • Preparation of the whole project;
  • Supply, installation and configuration of all the necessary equipment;
  • Automation system implementation and staff training;
  • Launch of the radio broadcast.

The use of the software, technological furniture, as well as various studio and auxiliary devices (including consoles) of our own production can significantly reduce the costs and optimize the configuration of the equipment at the design stage. "Tract" is working closely with various international manufacturers of studio equipment (Axia, AEQ, Eela Audio, etc.), so that it enables the delivery of foreign radio equipment in Russia on exclusive terms favorable for the end customer.

You do not need to know all the technical details of the solution. You can go about your business, while the experts of "Tract" create a broadcasting complex for you.

In general, the process of creating a "radio turn-key" can be divided into two stages.

The Preparatory Phase

1: Setting the goals, objectives and capabilities of the customer; study of existing technology work.

Before we start designing, it is essential to formulate precisely the problem that should be resolved by the hardware and software of the radio station. In the light of these objectives, the existing technology and workflow are assessed, and then we form recommendations for improvement or creation. We form our recommendations taking into account material and non-material resources available to the customer.

2: Preparation of specifications based on existing equipment to optimize the costs.

After defining the objectives of the radio station and the choice of the most effective technology of its work, we make the specification of hardware and software with a detailed description of the technical features of the devices and their cost. In some cases, the specification may include a rationale for the selection of specific types of equipment, as well as proposals for the replacement of similar models from other manufacturers. The specification is developed with the inclusion of a technological complex of studio equipment that is already available to the customer.

3: Development of a complete set of technical documentation.

The work process at this stage includes:

  • Approval of the list of all workplaces;
  • Coordination of location of the workplaces on the premises;
  • Coordination of standard or individual design of the technological furniture, its binding to specific premises;
  • Calculation of initial requirements for other engineering systems (power supply, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting); if necessary, we provide recommendations to correct these conditions;
  • Development and coordination of structural and circuit diagrams, equipment layouts and between-hardware connections;
  • Preparation of a work plan with deadlines of the finished object.

When ordering a design of a radio station separately, you will receive a full set of documents containing all the functional circuits of interaction between the hardware and software, specifications of the hardware, recommendations for the integration, and so on. This document will help you by setting up and launch of the radio station by yourself and for further maintenance of the radio station.

4: Order and supply of the equipment needed for the launch of the project.

Supply of equipment for the radio complex usually takes from 2 weeks up to 2 months, depending on its availability in the warehouses of "Tract" and other suppliers. In some cases, a pre-purchase and storage of equipment in our warehouses until the end of the construction works is possible.

"Tract" has its own production of studio equipment, subassemblies and components. We always have a certain amount of the most popular products in our stock.

5: Testing of the hardware and software.

Before handing the equipment to the customer, the specialists of "Tract" set up and test it at our testing suite on our territory.

The Main Stage

1: Packing and shipping the equipment to the customer.

After testing, all the equipment is returned in its original packaging, and delivered to the customer. While testing, the warranty stickers and seals on the equipment are not damaged. We can offer optional insurance for some valuable cargo for the period of delivery.

2: Carrying out of installation and commissioning at the facility.

After shipping the equipment to the customer, a team of specialists on system integration and implementation is going to the premises. On their own, or in cooperation with the technical staff of the station, they assemble the furniture, install and adjust the equipment.

3: Installation and configuration of the software.

Special attention is paid to the introduction of broadcast automation system DIGISPOT II, the leader of software for radio stations on the Russian market.

4: Testing and commissioning of complex to the customer.

As a result, the customer receives a ready to use software and hardware complex, as well as a full set of documents and software distributions required for further maintenance of the radio station.

5: Staff training and assistance in staff employment.

At customer’s request, the specialists of "Tract" provide training of technical and creative staff of the radio station.

6: Maintenance.

All radio stations are provided with a fast technical support during the warranty period of the delivered hardware and software. As an option, you can negotiate a contract for maintenance of the radio or a 24/7 technical support at a rate of response up to one hour.

If you are unsure where to start creating your own radio station, you may ask for advice of an experienced professional. You can request a colleague working on a radio station, or request a consultation at "Tract" company.