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Radio station modernization

Technical equipment of a radio station plays an important role in the struggle for the audience in the situation of ever growing competition in the radio world. Limited functionality of an outdated automation systems, deterioration of equipment and other factors entail the need for modernization. In some cases, only a partial re-equipment of the studio is needed, in some other cases – a full redesign of the radio station, including furniture, equipment and software. A move to new premises often becomes the cause of upgrade and update.

Regardless of the scale of the modernization, the project developed by the specialists of "Tract" will take into account the workflow that is already established at the radio station. If necessary, the project will include a change of broadcasting technology or schedule. And all this is possible without interrupting the broadcast.

If you want to upgrade your equipment and automation system by yourself, you can order only the modernization project.

The equipment of the radio station with a modern, full-featured software and upgraded hardware improves the sound quality and reliability of the distribution, allowing the users to reduce the number of routine operations carried out by employees of the radio station.

The modernization of a radio station may include the following steps:

  1. Defining the objectives, scope and budget of the modernization.
  2. A careful study of existing processes and customer requirements, which determine the basis for necessary equipment, software and the following engineering works.
  3. Development and approval of design specifications.
  4. Purchase, delivery and storage of the equipment.
  5. If necessary, a temporary broadcasting complex is setting up.
  6. Installation and configuration of hardware and software within the complex, integration of the new solutions with third-party hardware and software.
  7. Customization of workplaces.
  8. Testing, installation and start-up.
  9. Training of the staff and the final transition to the new radio technology.

The result of a well thought-out and gradual modernization would be a smooth transition from the old to the new, which is comfortable for listeners and optimal for the employees. Depending on the size and complexity of the radio station, the process of upgrade and update takes from a few days to several months.

VGTRK branch before modernizaionVGTRK branch after modernizaion

The modernization of a radio station can be partial or complete.

A complete re-equipment is usually undertaken with the setting up of a temporary broadcasting complex that duplicates the existing equipment. For the employees of a radio station it is convenient in that they can work with the new technology in a test mode, trying their hand in a relaxed atmosphere at their convenient old workplace. In some instances, a hybrid circuit commissioning is used when a new equipment works along with the old one, such as a new console with the old workstation or the old console with a new workstation and new microphones.

In a larger radio system with a non-stop own broadcasting, a transition to new technologies is carried out mainly at the nighttime or during maintenance. Radio stations with a high amount of retransmission may transit to the new technology at any time.

A final transition usually occurs after a comprehensive employee training.

Being a full-cycle system integrator in the field of broadcasting, "Tract" regularly carries out upgrade and update projects, including major radio stations in Russia and abroad, such as VGTRK branches all over Russia, correspondent offices of "Voice of Russia" around the world, "Sport FM”, "Business FM", “Echo of Moscow", “EMG", “City-FM” ,”Moscow Media” (Moscow); "NVK Sakha"(Yakutsk), "Radio mCm” (Irkutsk), "Oldie 95", "Radio Hamburg" (Hamburg) and many others.