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The pilot zone of digital broadcasting in DAB+ standard has appeared in Belarus

The Ministry of Communications and Informatization of the Republic of Belarus has decided to develop a frequency-territorial plan for a regional terrestrial network of digital sound broadcasting in the DAB + standard.

In the future, three multiplexes with 18 (approximately) radio stations each are planned to be built; the network will be organized on the base of digital television infrastructure and the network of mobile operators and it is planned to use the range of 174-240 MHz.

Giprosvjaz, Tract and Tract Media companies take an active part in the process of launching and testing of digital radio in Minsk and the Byelorussian Republic. During the 26th International Information and Communication Technologies Forum TIBO-2019 (April 8-12), which was dedicated to the official startup of a test zone for digital broadcasting, mentioned companies demonstrated the current capabilities and technologies for the digital DAB+ broadcasting radio studio - the full cycle of broadcasting was performed at the joint booth.

Three radio stations deployed directly at the exhibition hall so as sixteen local stations could be heard and tested at the TIBO event. Specially for the exhibition, all the arrangements were made in advance: preparation of playlists and graphic content, set up of the multiplexer for low-power transmission directly on the event`s location, installation of equipment for monitoring and controlling from various manufacturing companies. Also user radio receivers were brought. The companies, which equipment and software were represented at the booth include such world-known brands as AVT Audio (Germany), WorldCast Systems (France), DEVA Broadcast (Bulgaria), DHD Audio (Germany).

The trial operation of the digital DAB + complex is held from 7 to 20 April in Minsk, the pilot zone was launched on the base of “RTTS Kolodishchi”. In an experiment multiplex of 16 radio stations will be tested with various programs and different audio coding bit rates.

The specialists of Giprosvjaz Company performed all the necessary works and equipment set-ups as a part of zone organization. They will also conduct all essential measurements and will control the performance: coverage area, transmitters’ maintenance, operation of the multiplexer itself.  One of the main tasks is to check the quality of reception of a digital broadcasting signal both in urban and rural areas, including the possible influence of industrial interference.

All the data provided by the tests will be used in the calculation of the optimal frequency-territorial network plan, construction of distribution networks scheme and development of common standards.

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