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Belarus Republic launches digital radio in the DAB+ standard

At our seminar in Minsk on February 20, we paid special attention to digital broadcasting and announced that Giprosvyaz was developing a frequency-territorial plan of the terrestrial digital broadcasting network in the DAB+ standard. The decision is made by the Ministry of communications and Informatization of Belarus.

A road map for the construction of the network will be ready by the end of 2019. A pilot zone will be set in April on the basis of "RTPS Kolodischi". The tests will last until April 19.

There are also plans:

  • to use a range of 174-240 MHz,
  • to organize 3 multiplexes 18 radio stations each,
  • to use the infrastructure of NCTV and networks of mobile operators.

OJSC "Giprosvjaz" will carry out a trial operation of the DAB+ equipment. Company will also check the quality of reception of the digital broadcasting signal of in urban and rural areas, including conditions of exposure of industrial interferences. Test results will allow to calculate the optimal frequency-territorial plan of the network, prepare TNLA (technical normative legal acts) and the scheme of construction of the distribution network, as well as determine the composition of the equipment.

Digital technologies form the optimal spectrum of the radio signal transmitting audio information. Moreover they process the received signal on the receiving side. These technologies replace less efficient broadcasting systems based on amplitude or frequency modulation.

DAB + standard is used in Europe and Australia. It allows you to transmit a multiplexed data stream where several radio programs are simultaneously transmitted. The multiplex contains:

  • data of the program itself;
  • auxiliary data (PAD channel: HTML text, JPEG images, etc.);
  • multiplex configuration information (MCI);
  • service channel (SI) with information about the program name, time, date, transmitter identification and traffic messages channel, etc.

Alexander Sokolovsky, head of the research laboratory of communication systems and devices in OJSC "Giprosvyaz", spoke about the project of DAB+ implementation in Belarus Republic at the seminar in Minsk.