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On the 25th of May we are going to hold a seminar in Bishkek "Radio: the present and the future".

At the event we will discuss some topical issues of the industry, introduce new hardware and software, and tell you how to choose the best solutions for broadcast systems.

The seminar "Radio: the present and the future" will be interesting to the heads of technical services, engineers, system administrators, music editors, sound engineers and hosts of TV channels and radio stations.


Speakers and invited experts:

• Ernur Kasabekov, General Director of Tract Asia branch;

• Konstantin Pravatorhov, Tract Company General Director;

• Mikhail Efimov, leading engineer of the system integration department, Tract Company;

• Pavel Zhdanko, radio Sputnik host, Republic of Kyrgyzstan;

• Petr Molchanov, head of the technical support department, Tract Company;

• Sergey Alexeev, representative of AEQ;

• Erika Arstanova, expert in the field of radio and broadcasting, Republic of Kyrgyzstan.



• Radio market of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan: problems, needs, prospects.

• Modernization of broadcasting stations and holdings.

• Digispot II automation system: new in broadcasting technology.

• SJM show. Master class: new possibilities for live air dressing.

• Digispot II Visual radio: examples of technological solutions.

• Time-tested equipment. Main brands.

• Can you hear us? The sound of your radio and TV channel.

• Digital broadcasting: application and technology capabilities.

The seminar will be held on May, 25, in Bishkek, the event starts at 9:00. Registration for the seminar is required. With all questions you can contact Yernur Kasabekov, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , +7 (701) 535-55-00. We’ll post all the updates on our Facebook groups, as well as on our website.

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