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The Congress of Digital Broadcasting: how was it?

We had a very rewarding and useful time at the first congress of digital broadcasting in Russia and prepared infographics with the results of the event.

Congress-infografic eng web

Mikhail Efimov, the leading engineer of the system integration department, moderated the round-table discussion ‘New opportunities of the digital radio’. The participants discussed such issues as how the DAB system is being implemented, what part of the infrastructure of the complex can be successfully virtualized, and how digital broadcasting can help musical artists.

Круглый стол "Новые возможности на цифровом радио"

Another memorable moment of the Congress was the signing of a contract on cooperation with AVT: now Tract Company is the AVT dealer not only in the CIS countries, but also in Russia.

Подписание контракта о расширении сотрудничестваПодписание контракта о расширении сотрудничества

"DAB+ standard allows you to broadcast pictures and textual information. The signal is formed on the broadcasting machine, goes to the encoders, the DAB multiplexer and "rises into the air". The DAB+ standard occupies the bandwidth of 1,500 kHz, which is 1 multiplex, in which up to 20 radio stations can be located. In Germany, there are 16 radio stations in 1 multiplex now", said Mikhail Efimov.

 Выставочная зона Конгресса Выставочная зона Конгресса