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Synapse Intercom is a modern AoIP matrix-service complex

Synapse Intercom is a modern AoIP (Audio over IP) matrix-service communication complex. Subscriber units and control software Digispot Synapse developed by St. Petersburg-based company Tract make it possible to organize an accessible, highly efficient and reliable intercom system. The solution is suitable for equipping TV and radio complexes, concert halls, theaters, offices of companies, which, for various reasons, need intercom systems.

The use of an in-house communication protocol, the assembly of devices by experienced engineers of the company Tract and comprehensive testing of both individual units and the complex as a whole, guarantee high-quality communication and uninterrupted operation of a complex of any scale. High variability of the software provides an acceptable level of comfort for any user.

Key features of Synapse Intercom:

  • The organization of the connection matrix as a software module removes practical limitations on the number of subscribers, simplifies their connection, makes it possible to quickly configure any part of the complex.
  • Using UTP Cat5, Cat6 as the main cable allows you to quickly deploy a complex both in an existing and in a projected infrastructure, and also reduces the cost of installation.
  • Ability to work through the Internet allows you to connect remote subscriber devices.
  • Full control over any signal in the complex significantly extends the management and configuration of the system as a whole, allows you to store records of all transactions, record conversations of selected subscribers.
  • The ability to combine subscribers into groups allows for more efficient organization of communication between organizational units.
  • The interface converter allows you to connect any existing analog audio devices in the organization.
  • The ability to use GPIO as a single matrix within the organization provides practically unlimited possibilities for device management.
  • Low system requirements allow you to deploy Synapse Intercom on low-cost servers or workstations of the organization.
  • Ability to program the behavior of devices: pressing the keys of the subscriber unit, as well as connecting external GPI lines, allows you to manage the status of any channel of any subscriber unit and external GPIO devices.
  • 100% backup of critical system nodes (power, main lines, switch and server) is an optional feature.
  • Effective software-based acoustic echo cancellation with a short delay time.

The Synapse Intercom lineup includes subscriber devices in both rack and desktop versions.

Synapse Terminal ТР-812Terminal TR-812 is intended for active subscribers and is able to communicate with 12 pre-configured individual or group subscribers and one freely assigned. The unit is equipped with a loudspeaker and microphone and has a control panel with separate screens and joysticks to communicate with other subscribers. It is also possible to connect the headset. The device is made in a rack-mounted package with a height of 1U. For each terminal via the web interface, you can configure:


  • device profiles - to save and copy user settings with the ability to change by schedule and manually;
  • name on the screen of the faceplate panel;
  • use of a ringing tone for the entire subscriber unit or with user-specific settings for each channel;
  • operating modes and status of the device and subscribers;
  • microphone level change (-12dB .. + 12dB);
  • changing the loudness of the loudspeaker;
  • enable recording of conversations of subscriber's open channels;
  • echo cancellation mode;
  • the font size for display on the subscriber's display;
  • management by GPI.

Some settings can be made directly on the device through the local settings.

TR-813 Terminal+Terminal + TP-813 is an extension panel that is attached to one of the TP-812 terminals (physically located side by side) and is used to increase the number of channels (subscribers). One extension panel allows you to add up to 13 channels. An unlimited number of extension panels can be connected to one TP-812. When using the TR-813 channels, the microphone and the loudspeaker of the connected terminal TR-812 are used.

Panel ТР-808

Panel ТР-808 for 8 subscribers is designed for placement on desks and consoles, not equipped with a rack. The device functionally repeats the capabilities of the TP-812 terminal for a smaller number of subscribers.



Synapse Interface ТР-801The TR-801 Interface is an interface converter for input and output of analog audio and GPIO signals. With the help of the TR-801, you can connect analog audio sources, for example, the software output of a mixing console, to the Synapse intercom complex and use these sources as a constant broadcasting subscriber, also for listening to software sound with the help of TR-812 terminal.

TR-801 also allows you to output any audio stream assigned by the user to external analog audio receivers: loudspeakers, headphones of the hosts and operators, etc.The device has two independent intercom channels and an analog input and output, and it is also possible to connect up to ten virtual channels. From the analog input, sound can be captured and transmitted to all channels of the device, and all channels of the device configured in receive mode can be summed to the analog output. It is possible to use the pass-through signal to mix the program sound into the intercom audio stream. The interface converter ТР-801 is made in a case with a height of 1U and a width of ½ place in the rack, which allows to place up to two devices side by side in one rack space.The configuration is carried out only through the web interface.

TR-801 is equipped with GPIO In / Out interface with 4 channels of GPI input and 4 channels of GPO output. If the GPI is changed, a change in the channel state of the device (both TP-801 and TP-812) and / or a GPO can occur according to a certain condition. 

Synapse TR-800K Matrix is a specialized server running Ubuntu OS and Digispot Synapse software installed.

Server Tasks are:

  • Receiving audio IP streams from connected subscriber devices;
  • Routing and logging of streams;
  • Regulation of the operation of the backup server;
  • Providing a simple web interface for accessing system settings from another workstation.

For subscriber devices with the "Recording talks" setting enabled, all conversations made from this device are recorded. Audio recordings are stored on the server for 30 days. Also, in order to carry out a "police" recording of talks of selected subscribers, the interface converter TR-801 is configured, which is connected to the recording device. The TR-801 in the "Record" mode sums up active audio streams assigned to the group of subscribers to the analogue output of the subscriber unit. The number of recorded subscribers in the group and the number of connected interfaces for audio output is unlimited. The recording is performed for the active channels of the selected subscriber units.

Fault tolerance of the intercom complex is ensured by full backup of critical nodes (switchboard, server) and by setting up the cooperative mode. Each subscriber device is connected by two physically separated lines to two different switches. Intercom servers are connected by two physically separated lines to two different switches and are connected to one another by a single line of the server (this line is used for mutual monitoring of the server's operational status). Each unit of the complex can be powered by two independent power lines, which will ensure their uninterrupted operation in the event of a voltage failure on one of the lines.

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